Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake


A birthday is a great opportunity to bake a special occasion cake. When it comes to birthday cake, the more decadent the better! This cake is a good representation of that philosophy. It’s actually a variation on the Post Punk Kitchen’s “Fauxstess Cupcake” recipe.


Dark chocolate layers (Callebaut cocoa, Amazon.com), chocolate mousse filling (Dagoba), chocolate buttercream (more Callebaut) and bittersweet chocolate ganache (Green & Black). Is it worth it?? Every penny.


After completely cooling layers, fill with chilled chocolate mousse then ice with your favorite chocolate buttercream. My recipe comes from Epicurious.com.


After icing the cake with a nice smooth layer of buttercream, let it set up in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Make a double batch of the ganache, then pour it over the chilled cake on a cooling rack, draining the excess ganache onto waxed paper (to save for later). Chilled ganache makes great truffles.


Pipe a nice shell border to finish.


21 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake

  1. This looks just wonderful. Buttercream gives a richness to cake that I just love. The darker the chocolate the deeper the taste. The first cut must have been both heart breaking and exciting at the same time.

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