Ginger Spice Cookies


I found an excellent recipe for sweet, chewy, spicy ginger cookies at my fellow blogger’s site, Don’t Switch off The Light. They call them biscuits where Thom comes from, but over here we call them cookies 🙂

Thom is an intelligent, compassionate vegan and his blog is one of my favorites,  featuring many great recipes and articles of interest.


I love a simple, no nonsense recipe that gets right to the point. That way, we can get to the cookies faster! This one is so easy.


Just mix the dry ingredients in one bowl, the wet in another, then combine  together!

pannedScoop out the dough, flatten and press tops into turbinado sugar for a wonderful crunch!


I followed Thom’s recipe faithfully, except I sized mine twice as big!! I baked them about 15 minutes and they turned out perfectly chewy and soft in the middle.


Here’s the recipe:  Vegan Ginger Biscuits

from Don’t Switch off the Light

3 thoughts on “Ginger Spice Cookies

  1. Hi Melanie, Thank you for your kind comments.
    I am happy you made them 🙂 They do taste amazing and you have done a great job as I thought you would baking them, because you are an awesome chef. Love your recipes they are easy to follow and taste fantastic !! Thanks and have a super weekend Thom PS Biscuits do sound so British don’t they 🙂 I prefer cookies actually 🙂

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