Rogan Josh: A Tale of Two Curries


My fascination with Indian flavors continued today as I explored the possibility of creating a plant-based version of one of my old favorites, Rogan Josh.

I found an excellent recipe online and visited my local Indian Grocery, gathering the many spices I would need. While I was there I picked up a pre-packaged Rogan Josh sauce mix and thought I would try them both. I thought maybe if the packet was just as good I would keep it in the pantry for a day when I was feeling less ambitious.



I set to work assembling my spices. I made a couple tweaks to the recipe, substituting soy yogurt and leaving out the paneer.


Yes, there are a lot of spices in Rogan Josh!

The dish starts with fried whole spices and onions, filling the air with delicious aromas!


More spices are added creating layers of flavor, including Kashmiri Chili Powder which gives the dish its distinctive red color as well as plenty of heat!



The finished dish was rich, tasty and very spicy! Next time I will cut back on the amount of chili powder.


The preparation for the packet version was extremely simple–just add water to the contents and pour into the pan along with desired vegetables and simmer until thick. The result was tasty after I added a bit of tomato puree and salt.


The recipe version was the winner in my taste test, hands down. It had great depth of flavor and richness with the inclusion of the creamy yogurt. I also enjoyed the process of cooking the dish, seeing it come together layer by layer and tasting the end result.

Stay tuned for my next adventure in plant-based Indian cuisine!

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