Vegan Gorgonzola: A Passion Project


In between all the professional cooking I do, there is also all the household cooking I do, which includes, of course, food I like to eat. Once in awhile I embark on a very special veganizing project as shown here.  I ain’t gonna lie. As long as I have been vegan (about six years now) I have not forgotten the flavor of fine, aged cheese.

I chose THIS RECIPE for its simplicity. It’s not a science project like some I have read. It is straightforward and the wait time was only overnight. The result is very much like the real deal…which led me to veganize another old favorite of mine: blackened Gorgonzola steak with jalapeños. I know, what a crazy combo, but it was oh, so delicious back in the day.


I picked up a package of Field Roast Hand-Formed Burgers (the absolute best vegan burger, in my opinion) and pressed it out as flat as I could. Dusted it with blackening spice and seared it in a hot pan. Then I topped it with thick slices of this lovely vegan Gorg and a sprinkle of jalapeños. Heaven!




5 thoughts on “Vegan Gorgonzola: A Passion Project

  1. We make a ricotta sub using firm tofu to use in dumplings or lasagna. Hard to tell its not dairy!! I’ve never dreamed of doing a Gorgonzola. Will have to make this for the next wine party dish. Thanks for sharing!

    • This is such a flavorful, creamy cheese and like I said, really easy to make. I would love to see your ricotta recipe, Shannon. And we are all still waiting for that Caesar Vinaigrette recipe!!

      • In the draft folder, Melanie, like so many others! As soon as I shoot a photo of the salad to put with it, I will post, hopefully soon We’re overdue for Italian night. 😀

  2. I never had gorgonzola, but I must admit I am totally addicted to Skye Michael’s recipe! Would you say it’s close to the real thing? Nevertheless, this recipe is amazing. That steak-gorgonzola combo seems like a punch of flavors in the mouth! Can’t wait to see what else you’ll try with this!

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