Eat This, Not That: Top Ten Everyday Vegan Food Swaps

Here’s a list of my favorite plant-based everyday prepared food products. These are the brands you will find in my fridge, freezer and pantry.  I truly believe today’s plant-based products taste better than ever!

Although processed foods should comprise the smallest percentage of our diets, they can still be included in a balanced plant-based lifestyle, and can help ease the transition away from meat and dairy.

Dairy-Free Cheese


My number one pick is Daiya, wedges and slices. The meltability and flavor are excellent, and it comes in a great variety of flavors!



Just Mayo is the best, hands down. I use it in dressings and in my tofu eggless and toona salads or just spread it on my favorite sandwich.

Meat-Free Deli Meats


There is no better choice, in my opinion, for sandwich slices,  roasts, sausages and even hot dogs than Field Roast. So many varieties to choose from and all of it delicious. The flavor and texture are superb.

Meat-Free Chicken, Fish, Meatballs, Beef Tips, Burgers, etc...


Gardein has got it all over Beyond Meat, if you ask me. Check your grocer’s freezer. Most carry at least the burgers and crumbles. But it comes in so many styles now. I’ve even seen Gardein at some Target stores.

Non-Dairy Butter


Earth Balance Buttery Spread. Slather it on your toast, waffles, biscuits and anything else that needs a buttery lift. This product is also available soy-free  and there is even a coconut oil version.

Ice Cream


Luna & Larry’s non-dairy frozen dessert is made from coconut milk which provides an amazingly silky smooth creaminess. There are so many flavors, but the dark chocolate  is my favorite.



It may or may not come as a surprise, but most conventionally processed sugar is not vegan, due to the use of bone char in the processing.  Most organic sugars are vegan, but it’s worth checking the label just to make sure.



Everyone knows that frozen waffles are not a health food, but most of us have a box of them hiding in the freezer. Leggo that Eggo and move on to a product with better flavor and ingredients. I like Nature’s Path brand. Available in a gluten-free version, too!

Sandwich Bread


Rudy’s Organic. One of the few breads that doesn’t include corn syrup, dairy and/or a bunch of un-pronounceable ingredients. Read the labels, though, because  a few selections include honey.



Drop the Doritos. Seriously. Put down the bag. Try a snack you can feel better about:  Garden of Eatin Tortilla Chips. They are available in fat-free versions, and lots of different flavors, so your taste buds will never get bored.

24 thoughts on “Eat This, Not That: Top Ten Everyday Vegan Food Swaps

  1. I am new to moving toward a vegan diet but also want to limit my intake of processed soy. Had not heard about Diaya cheese and looked it up and it is soy-free. Will have to try…thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Have you tried So Delicious Cashew Milk Frozen desserts? You must! Also, give Sheese (a cream cheez from Bute, Scotland) –amazing stuff. Oh, and yes, I do have a box of frozen waffles in my freezer, and they are Nature’s Path. Try the Chocolate Chip spread with organic peanut or almond butter. Mmmm!

  3. Great list, Melanie. Just Mayo (vegan) is a truly AWESOME substitute for the brutality-that-never-has-to-be in traditional mayos. Flavor and palette are extrodinary. Did you know that Wal-mart carries it?

    Thanks for mentioning about sugar and bone-char, a process designed entirely around available waste from the animals-for-food industry. Like many non-vegan products — chipboard, for example, has animal-derived glue, and baby male bovines become ‘veal’ — it’s more about finding uses for a thing than it is a necessary process. When the abundant/cheap bone supply goes away or becomes too expensive, sugar will be vegan once again.

  4. Great post! There’s so many options out there that people overlook. Most people uneducated to the vegan lifestyle assume that they will have to give up normal eating, when that’s simply not true. Vegans eat some of the best foods out there for sure!

    Thanks for such a great post.


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