Top Ten Everyday Vegan Recipes


I have certain recipes in my home kitchen’s steady rotation week after week, month after month. These are my go-to staples because we enjoy them so much. Some  are featured here on the blog, and the rest will be featured in upcoming posts!

  1. Tofu Scramble
  2. Cheezy Sauce
  3. Marinara Sauce
  4. Buffalo Sauce
  5. Peanut Sauce
  6. Tofu Ricotta
  7. Italian Dressing
  8. Taco “Beef”
  9. Thai Coconut Curry Sauce (red or green)
  10. Hummus




8 thoughts on “Top Ten Everyday Vegan Recipes

  1. Thank you for your ideas, I have a problem with craving crackers, trying to cut out as much carbs as possible. I can get the crunch with veggies but it doesn’t quite full fill my needs, Do you have anything that might fill that need?

    1. I think balance is the key. There is a time and a place for veggies and a time for crackers! Try higher protein to carb ratio crackers, like those made from bean flours or quinoa.

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