Top Ten Vegan Mains



When making the transition to a plant-based diet, most of us do really well with breakfast and lunch, but when it comes to dinner, find ourselves in a quandary. The question I have heard most often over the years is “So, what do you eat?”

Here are a few creative recipe ideas for your next meal. Enjoy!

  1.  Classic Meatloaf


     2.  Stuffed Portobellos


3.  Macaroni and Cheeze


4.  All-American Barbecue


5.  Sesame Grilled Tofu


6.  Peanut Noodles


7.  Vegetable Lasagnaovenready

8.  Coconut Curried Tofu and Spinach


9.  Thai Red Lentil Chili


10.  Quinoa Nachos


24 thoughts on “Top Ten Vegan Mains

  1. One struggle I’m dealing with at dinner is even though I don’t eat meat, I still think I need something with similar mouth feel and look, which really makes no sense because if I don’t want to eat meat, why do I want something that looks and tastes like it? But it’s years of habit I’m working to change. Thanks for the recipes!

    • No longer is absolutely right! I wasn’t always vegan and when I set out on this journey I was intent on getting the most flavor out of the experience as well as veganizing the comfort food recipes I grew up with. For some, veganism is a minimalist lifestyle, though–a way of simplifying food: vegetables, beans, grains. Some are purists in that sense and I respect that. I have to say I am a bit more hedonistic in my approach. It’s all about balance 🙂

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