About Melanie


Melanie daPonte is Palm Beach County’s premier 100% plant-based personal chef and one of the most sought-after and respected vegan personal chefs, due to her passion for healthy lifestyle, delicious, creative cuisine and tireless attention to detail when it comes to making her clients happy.

Melanie’s clients include lifelong vegetarians as well as adventurous omnivores seeking balance and variety. She is a graduate of Florida Culinary Institute, a Florida certified food safety manager and holds certification in T. Colin Campbell’s (co-author of the famous China Study) plant-based nutrition program offered by Cornell University.

Since opening her personal chef business in 2012, she has become a trusted and indispensable partner to busy Palm Beach County families by taking the burden of healthful meal planning, shopping and cooking off their plates so they can turn their attention to the people and endeavors they love most. She has helped many clients improve their health and well-being with her delicious and nutritious plant-based meals.

She refined her craft in the years following graduation from a traditional culinary curriculum based in classical European-style cuisine. From this foundation, she has created a unique  fusion of enlightened methods and ingredients combined with classic recipes both from her education and from her upbringing in a family of southern-style cooks.

Melanie is an advocate for issues related to sustainability, animal welfare,  and safe food production systems. She stays on top of trends in plant-based nutrition and cooking through constant consumption of cookbooks and culinary magazines. She lives in Palm Beach Gardens with her husband.