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Hello every person! Welcome to my blog about soda blasting, the environmentally friendly cleansing technique that uses a shape of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in place of other non eco-friendly products , and health risky blasting medias like sand.

In my earlier postings,
I explained what soda blasting is, what makes soda blasting such a completely unique cleansing procedure, some primary statistics on air compressors, on soda blasting device, and on some famous programs. when you apprehend how soda blasting works, it’s miles tons easier to comprehend why it’s miles such an powerful, safe, and  cleansing technique for plenty distinct varieties of jobs.

As I referred to before, soda blasting has grow to be a worldwide phenomenon! As I think back over the last numerous years, i am surprised at all the one of a kind kinds of initiatives that I’ve been concerned with, from helping do-it-yourself domestic proprietors, to supporting all varieties of corporations, massive and small. I revel in listening to from people, who’ve used soda blasting on their tasks primarily based on my tips. it’s far very pleasurable to recognise that I’ve helped someone acquire crowning glory of an essential activity.

As many of you know, one of the nastiest jobs around is using a toxic chemical stripper to eliminate the finish off of timber fixtures and architectural objects including doorways and home windows. now not only is it messy, however it is able to be awful for you and horrific for the surroundings. not some thing that i might want to apply or be round.

So what opportunity do you have? well, it just so happens that soda blasting is a safe, effective, and  manner to strip all types of paint, varnish, and different commonplace coatings used on wooden! That’s right, soda blasting. In certainly one of my in advance blogs, entitled “Soda Blasting and Paint Stripping”, I gave a short evaluate on a number of the types of jobs that you may do with soda blasting. these days, I want to inform you about a specific job that I had the pleasure of being worried with. And what a job it turned into!

Ultimate summer season,
I obtained a smartphone name from Flink’s painting in Kaysville, Utah. Ed told me that he had a activity, which concerned stripping the finish off of wood church pews. We talked for a while as I replied his questions about soda blasting and the way it works. as the dialogue proceeded, I requested him how a number of the pews needed stripping. “Over 2 hundred of them” he replied. “That’s a pretty big process”, I stated and we each laughed. “It certain is!” he said.

The church consisted of a first-rate stage and an top balcony with additional seating for the congregation. Ed desired to cast off the pews from the decrease stage, and flow them to a big warehouse location to soda blast them offsite. but, due to logistical motives, he would soda blast the balcony pews in area at the church.

I endorsed that he use the ACE model 2-playstation  Heavy duty portable Soda Blaster for the task. further to the spherical nozzles, I additionally advocated that he attempt a fan tip blast nozzle, in view that he had a sufficient amount of cfm to be had from his air compressor. He advised me that his work crews might be operating long hours on a daily foundation for some of weeks to complete the work on time. “I’m going to run the heck out of this system. Is that soda blaster you advise as much as the project?” he asked. “without a doubt” I advised him.

Ed stated that it was suitable if he experienced a few elevating of the wood grain, as he supposed to complete sand all of the pews anyway. He was usually interested in pace and wanted no a part of chemical strippers. With that during mind, I recommended eco-friendly gift for Armex flow XL soda blast media designed for paint and coatings elimination. He can also blast at a barely better blasting stress, due to the fact velocity was his important subject.

eco-friendly products

Several weeks passed, and one day I obtained a name from Ed with some questions on the soda blast media. I requested him how the task become going. He advised me that he turned into pretty much achieved, and that the ACE model 2-ps soda blaster had labored super, much like I knew it might. He changed into thrilled and so was I.

The photo on the pinnacle of this weblog posting shows the balcony pews. The pews nearest the digicam have already been soda blasted. in case you appearance in the direction of the top middle of the picture, you may see the paintings team and the ACE version 2-ps, stripping one of the final rows of pews.

This turned into a totally big scale undertaking.
Soda blasting can simply as without difficulty be utilized by a homeowner or do-it-yourself hobbyist for many special types of programs.

I’ll write approximately some of the alternative interesting tasks that I’ve been concerned with, using soda blasting, in destiny postings. Soda blasting virtually is one of the maximum interesting, environmentally friendly cleaning strategies to be had today. we are all put right here in the world for a brief time, so allow’s make the first-class of it and help keep it for destiny generations.